Saturday, 18 October 2014


Getting ready for Halloween at the ByWard Market in Ottawa, Ontario.  The city was founded by Colonel By and used to be called Bytown

Looking over the Rideau Canal (engineered by Colonel By) in Ottawa, with Parliament behind

Locks joining the Rideau Canal to the Ottawa River, with Gatineau, Quebec across the river

Former home of William Lyon Mackenzie-King in Gatineau Park.  King was a three-time Prime Minister of Canada.  He left his home and estate to the country on his death in 1950

Autumn colours in Gatineau Park

Do squirrels know how cute they are?

Lookout in Gatineau Park, the granite mountains of the Canadian Shield fading into the distance

             Parliament house and locks on the canal

             Locks on the Rideau Canal to the left, 
             Parliament to the right

  The Ottawa River

Falls on the Rideau River as it joins the Ottawa River at Ontario.  These impassable falls are the reason why the Rideau Canal and locks were built to enable boats to navigate between the rivers

A typical town hall in New Hampshire, USA

 We were driven through Vermont, New Hampshire and
  Maine at the height of the autumn season

Sunset reflected in the Union River outside the home where we stayed in Ellsworth, Maine

Granite sculpture in Blue Hill, Maine

 Waterfront buildings in Blue Hill

  The harbour in Belfast, Maine

  Main Street of Belfast, Maine

On top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island, Maine

The view from the top of Cadillac Mountain, before the mist closed in again

Bubble Pond in Acadia National Park

 Laurie and Michael Leblanc on the Bubble Pond track

Silver birch in full colour along Bubble Pond track

Carriage road and granite bridge in Acadia National Park

Thursday, 2 October 2014


Two views from the apartment

 The apartment is the building in the centre of the photo with the pyramidal roof

Chicago skyline in the evening

Two men about to take a river cruise

Night view from the top of the Sear's (now, Willis Tower) building

 Crown Fountain in Millennium Park, with a changing LED image of a face

'Cloud Gate' sculpture

 Front view of Frank Lloyd Wright's first home.

Living room

The living room ingle nook

Dining room

Childrens' playroom

Studio from the gallery

Main desk in the office

Window detail

Laura Gale House

Unity Temple

Interior of Unity Temple

Ceiling skylight

Next three photos are of ceramic vessels from Arizona in the Art Institute of Chicago: the first made between AD 950 and 1150

The bowl above made between AD 1400 and 1625. 

The following two ceramics are from central America.