Saturday, 15 March 2014


Denmark, where we are staying, is very close to this delightful beach known as 'Green's Pool' which we are told is very safe as well as obviously sheltered.

This spectacular bluff at West Cape Howe is popular with hang gliding enthusiasts.

Kangaroo paws which seem to be every where lined the walking trail on a disused railway through a paperbark swamp by the river in Denmark.

We were taken to the tree-top walkway at the Walpole-Nornalup National Park. Note  the slender very tall Marri trees (Corymbia calophylla).

These are the small flowers of the same tree.

Laurie with Sue and Karen our hosts among the Tingle Trees (Eucalyptus jacksonii) in the
'Valley of the GIANTS'  trees).

Below is an enormous Karri tree near Pemberton, it is in the same park as the following photo.

This tree, known as the 'Gloucester Tree', is used as a fire-watch tower.

There has been no shortage of bird life to see. These emus were calmly wandering around a cow paddock near where we are staying.

The next two photos are of some of the many parrots, The first was taken from our living room window.

The kookaburra, which is not native here, has been introduced from the east of Australia and unfortunately has become a pest preying on many smaller birds.

Greetings from Christopher and Laurence

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