Saturday, 22 March 2014


While in Denmark we drove inland to the Porongorup National Park. The only day so far that has looked anything like rain. We were walking in the clouds and being cooled by a misty rain. The effect as we walked up to Cathedral Rock was really beautiful, though it made me think of 'Picnic at Hanging Rock'. 

Laurie is just disappearing behind the tree in the middle of this photo.

Here he is playing Atlas, or Sysiphus .

Abducted by Aliens? No! It's the 7 metre ladder to the highest point. 

This blue flower is a twisting vine called billardiera heterophylla that we have growing in our garden.

Unidentified banksias along the road.


At Pemberton we went on a tourist ride on a now disused logging tram into the Jarra forest. This is a 'cascade' where we had a brief stop.


This was a bit of topiary that took my fancy where the tram journey started.

 This fallen tree gives some sense of their size, often around 70 metres. 

In the Margaret River region there are some wonderful limestone caves. This extraordinary formation looks like an Art Nouveau image of a forest.

This is the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse on the southwest most point of Western Australia. The meeting point of the Southern and Indian Oceans.

The pier at Busselton is two kilometres long.

Sculpture by the sea in Perth.

This is a neon sculpture suspended between two trees.

Christopher and Laurence

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